Modern meetings need modern tools

Meeting needs are changing! Approximately 75% of the workforce works remotely, and over half of meetings have at least one remote attendee. Employees are more mobile than ever before—thus the increase need for remote collaboration.

@MicrosoftTeams is the solution. More streamlined than ever with other Microsoft apps, Teams is the chat and collaboration hub ideal for modern meetings. Meet anywhere, meet with intelligence, and meet with confidence. To learn more, subscribe to Lighthouse Technology Partners today!

4 Things to Know About Ransomware Attacks in 2021

Ransomware Attacks

In today’s technological world, it’s likely you’ve heard about ransomware attacks. If you’re not up to speed, ransomware is a type of malware that is usually disguised as an innocent email or link, but once activated, encrypts files and makes the system unusable. The malicious actors behind the ransomware then will demand a ransom in […]

Emerging Cybersecurity Trends to Watch in Second Half of 2021

cybersecurity trends

The technology landscape is ever-changing, and within the last year there is no doubt the reliance on technology has brought about many innovations, as well as hurdles. No one could have predicted the impact the pandemic had on technology, and how once again, the landscape shifted. In this blog, we are going to review the emerging threat landscape that has resulted over […]

U.S. cyber officials are blaming hackers tied to the Chinese government for one of the largest cyberattacks in U.S. history

The FBI and NSA have “high confidence” that hackers contracted by China’s Ministry of State Security carried out the cyberattack on the Microsoft Exchange email server this spring, a breach that exposed tens of thousands of private and public U.S. entities.  Officials say the attack was just one example of Chinese hacker’s use of “ransomware” to threaten […]

How Your Nonprofit Can Protect Donor’s Valuable Data

How Your Nonprofit Can Protect Donor’s Valuable Data

Donors are an essential aspect of nonprofit organizations and maintaining strong relationships with those donors is vital to a nonprofit’s success. One of the best ways to maintain donor relationships is by keeping their information secure, such as contact information, and financial details. This data is not only valuable to your organization, as it’s necessary […]

How to Combat the Cyber Security Skills Gap with Managed Security Services

How to Combat the Cyber Security Skills Gap With Managed Security Services

The technology landscape these days seems to be an ongoing battle between organizations embracing digital transformations and the increased risk of advancing cyber-criminals. In order to combat these malicious attacks, efforts to secure the cloud and implement compliance standards for infrastructure is more important than ever.  What is The Cyber Security Skills Gap? Cyber Security […]

What Can Managed Service Providers Do for Nonprofits?

What Can Managed Service Providers Do for Non Profits?

These days, modern technology and software is a necessity when it comes to running a productive, efficient workplace. The same holds true for nonprofit organizations, however many may not have a dedicated IT team to handle the technical aspects. That’s where a managed service provider (MSP) comes in. With an MSP, non-profits can gain a […]

Tips for Finding a Cloud Integration Management Partner

Cloud Integration Management Partner

Cloud technology has become the go-to for digital operations for many reasons. Businesses and enterprises of all kinds have moved to the cloud as the technology brings about opportunities for growth, productivity, and increased security. Partnering with the right cloud migration provider can make all the difference in an organization’s long-term success. With this in […]

Debunking 4 Common Cloud Migration Myths

Cloud Migration Myths

Cloud adoption has allowed for many businesses of all kinds to revolutionize the speed, security and efficiency of their infrastructures. However, common misconceptions about the cloud have held others back. There seems to be a trend of roadblocks that organizations are facing when it comes to migrating to the cloud, such as the difference in […]

What are the Main Benefits of Cloud Migration for Businesses?

Main Benefits of Cloud Migration for Businesses

As organizations grow and technologies continue to advance, cloud migration has become the most implemented trend, and for good reason. While the process may sound complicated, the benefits of cloud migration outweigh any concerns related to making the switch, and in today’s technological world, it’s vital for businesses to stay on top of ongoing trends […]