Oops Microsoft Did It Again!

Microsoft continues to roll out impressive improvements to the Windows 10 OS, Server Products for businesses, the cloud platform Azure, and collaboration tools as a part of Microsoft 365. Once again though, Microsoft confusingly fumbles the name(s) of productivity and collaboration software licensing. This goes way back to when customers weren’t sure if they were

Customer Story: Think Up Consulting

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Play “Spot the Phish”

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How does Azure Backup differ from Azure Site Recovery? Both Backup and Site Recovery are important to an effective disaster recovery solution as both services capture data and offer restore semantics. Backup ensures that your data is safe and recoverable while Site Recovery keeps your workloads available when/if an outage occurs. Azure Backup Backs up

October means the month of Oktoberfest for everyone who loves a beer. But for those of us in technology, October is really a time to party because it is National Cyber Security Awareness Month! WooHoo! Okay, maybe it doesn’t sound so fun, but for those of us in the business, maybe we can think of

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