So much has been written about the bad actors that break into organizations and steal valuable data. Has anyone heard of Equifax? The Latin root of this company’s name is “fax,” short for facsimile. Talk about a dinosaur of a name, and one that sort of infers the organization isn’t too current with technology. Well,

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Would You Know if You Had Been Hacked?

My next-door office neighbor’s mom had just died. It was a Friday and the first day I saw him come into the office for several days. Later, when I was emailing, in real time, he asked me to log on to his Dropbox account. I asked him why, and he thanked me for double checking

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I’ve thought quite a bit about the ten sailors who died at sea on the American destroyer, USS John S. McCain. All of their bodies have finally been recovered. Looking at the faces of these fine men, it struck me just how young most of them were. Many younger than my own two kids, who

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Enterprise Mobility + Security FAQ

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility Suite is now becoming Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS). It provides an identity-driven security solution that offers a holistic approach to the security challenges in this mobile-first, cloud-first era. Our technologies not only help your customers protect their organizations but also identify breaches before they cause damage. Enterprise Mobility + Security E5

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Windows 10 IoT Devices for Healthcare

When healthcare organizations take advantage of the Azure Cloud platform, they can use the IoT Suite to run and expand their business. The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite is a collection of integrated cloud services (analytics, computing, database, mobile, networking, storage, and web) that help you move faster and save money. Healthcare with the cloud With

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A Huge Opportunity – Office 2016

Synonymous with productivity, Office continues to be very favorable among businesses. There are over 1 billion users worldwide, with one new copy of Office being bought every second. There is so much more that Office 2016 provides over previous versions. Do your best work, anywhere, anytime Access your files whenever you need to, thanks to

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Security Tip

The most beneficial cloud security tip is to utilize multi-factor authentication (MFA). MFA adds a crucial layer of security to a user’s sign-ins and transactions, making it significantly difficult for cyber attackers to access information. It works by requiring multiple verification methods; typically a password, trusted device (phone or text message), and/or biometrics. Breaches, identity

Understand the Secure Productive Enterprise

As more and more companies digitally transform, securing productivity, collaboration and data is imperative. This offering brings together Office 365, Windows 10 Enterprise, and the Enterprise Mobility + Security suite into a single licensing, giving customers the most advanced technology for their employees. Enterprise Mobility + Security will offer both an E3 and E5 version.

Safeguard Your Business Now

Don’t wait, safeguard your business today. We want to help customers protect their business data – whether on-site, in the cloud, or on mobile devices – and minimize the disruptions caused by unexpected events. Our mission is to help you get back to yours! Flood, fire, and other natural disasters are becoming more prevalent. It’s time

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