Debunking 4 Common Cloud Migration Myths

April 21, 2021
Cloud Migration Myths

Cloud adoption has allowed for many businesses of all kinds to revolutionize the speed, security and efficiency of their infrastructures. However, common misconceptions about the cloud have held others back. There seems to be a trend of roadblocks that organizations are facing when it comes to migrating to the cloud, such as the difference in cost or security compared to in-house infrastructure. Let’s take a more in-depth look at these common myths, and reveal the reality of cloud migration.

Myth #1: Migrating to the Cloud Costs More than In-House

Let’s start with one of the more controversial myths related to cloud migration: Cost. While cost comparison is always a factor to consider during new investments, the cloud is something that should be looked at on a long-term basis. The up-front cost of cloud migration can be justified by the fact that the cloud can improve almost every aspect of an organization’s processes. What’s more, you only pay for what you use with the cloud. Your cloud applications can be optimized to scale up or down based on demand, therefore giving you more control over your IT costs.

Myth #2: On-Premise Security is Better than Cloud Security

Cloud security can be more secure than on-site infrastructure would be, as long as cloud best practices are being followed. The main issue cloud security faces typically caused by human error, such as compromised credentials or configuration errors. This is why best practices such as Identity and Access Management policies are crucial when adopting the cloud. The other notion of cloud security being less secure than on-site can be debunked by the sheer fact that the cloud is made up of software as opposed to physical infrastructure. Cloud software can be updated, audited, and secured without the risk or cost associated with managing on-premise infrastructure.

Myth #3: Organizations Must Focus on Either Applications or Entire Data Centers when Transitioning to the Cloud

Cloud migrations differ from company to company because they are based around the individual organization’s needs. it’s a common misconception that you must opt for one of these two extreme transitions to successfully implement the cloud. Moving entire data centers or applications to the cloud can be costly, and many times applications used in a data center aren’t designed to run in the cloud. Instead, organizations can cost-effectively transition to the cloud by moving business domains. By doing so, companies can experience the full range of cloud benefits including faster time to market, efficiency, and reliability, making the transfer of remaining domains much easier. This brings us into the next cloud myth.

Myth #4: Cloud Migration is a Never-Ending Process

Many organizations worry about the time it takes to migrate applications and workloads to the cloud. Cloud migration does take time, and it will differ depending on the amount of data you have, the workloads that need to be moved, and the users you want to migrate. As mentioned above, you don’t have to migrate in one go. Phasing out the migration allows you to effectively plan for what is business critical to migrate first in order to minimize any disruption to ongoing business operations.

There’s no doubt cloud migration is a process, and the slightest doubt can get in the way of understanding the full value it can bring to your organization. It’s important to understand these myths (and the truth behind them) in order to make an educated decision of what’s best for your organization.

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