The Power of Cloud IT Solutions for Healthcare Organizations

When you choose Lighthouse,’re choosing peace of mind.

For decades, every healthcare service, transaction, and communication has been subject to increasingly stricter data integrity and privacy regulations. Managed IT services, provided by Lighthouse, are flexible, efficient and scalable. Therefore, cloud-based delivery of IT solutions is uniquely capable of adapting to regulatory complexity and proliferation.

For more than 30 years, Lighthouse has worked with healthcare providers nationwide to optimize and transition their IT systems to meet the ever-evolving federal and international compliance requirements. In fact, when HIPPA was enacted in 1996, Lighthouse already had more than a decade of experience servicing the healthcare sector’s IT needs.

Lighthouse’s consistent track record in managed IT services for healthcare has led clients to approach us repeatedly for each new layer of mandated systems and data protections. No wonder, 20 years later, we now help our healthcare customers manage the requirements of the EU’s 2016 GDPR and California’s 2018 Consumer Privacy Act.

Digital transformation and the proliferation of big data represent ongoing challenges for healthcare providers. Lighthouse lives these new journeys hand-in-hand with our healthcare clients, helping them keep pace as the technological and regulatory environments continue to evolve. So if you’re a healthcare provider, large or small, rest assured that, as always, Lighthouse has got your back!

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