The Power of Cloud Computing Solutions for Nonprofits

When you choose Lighthouse,’re choosing peace of mind.

Nonprofit organizations uniquely impact the lives of the people and causes they serve. As a result, each nonprofit’s IT systems must align with its distinctive mission and operating approach. The inherent flexibility, efficiency and scalability of cloud-based services, along with Microsoft donations, makes managed IT solutions exceptionally affordable for charities.

Through more than 30 years, Lighthouse has worked side-by-side with nonprofit organizations, large and small. Along the way, Lighthouse has acquired deep understanding of the nonprofit organization structure, processes, and security and compliance needs.

Cloud-based Managed IT Solutions give nonprofit organizations reliable infrastructure delivered with the highest standards and lowest costs. Focus on your core mission with technology that works for your team, increases productivity and enhanced security.

We offer the lowest nonprofit Microsoft Azure pricing and the lowest Microsoft Office 365 pricing for nonprofit organizations! In fact, we like to think of ourselves as a business with heart and soul. Our mission, "Help nonprofits change the world with the power of cloud technologies."

We offer FREE assistance explaining Microsoft plans, FREE assistance applying for charity Pilot Program pricing with Microsoft; FREE telephone and in person executive and/or technical workshops and FREE full function Nonprofit Office 365 Demonstrations (CIE – Customer Immersion Experience). We are among the Northeast's most experienced Microsoft Cloud Partners. That experience enables us to be cost-effective because of the efficiency that comes only through repetition.

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