Managed IT Services for Non-Profits

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Managed IT Services for Non-Profits

Many nonprofit organizations work with IT companies that offer services that aren’t designed specifically for them. This often leads to the same issues: systems aren’t adequately prepared for the future, subpar IT services negatively affect productivity and strategy doesn’t account for nonprofit structure or budget. In short, these under-served nonprofit organizations aren’t getting the full value from their IT investment and their organizations suffer as a result. Lighthouse Technology Partners are in the top three Managed Service Providers across the United States, serving non-profits in the Microsoft ecosystem. Our process is based on years of experience working side-by-side with nonprofits. Our managed IT services for non-profits are designed to help to help organizations to plan for, implement and maintain systems that are fit to their unique needs, ensuring that our clients are adequately prepared for the future with systems that support their efforts.

Common Nonprofit IT Issues

Finance: Nonprofits often face issues with IT budgeting, whether it is caused by real cash flow issues or because every dollar spent here is a dollar less that can be dedicated towards their mission.
People: It doesn’t make much sense for non-profits to employ deep technical expertise in-house. Outsourcing IT functions and or staff augmentation allows nonprofits to deliver more value to their mission and give their staff the IT support and expertise as needed.
Lack of Strategy:
Does planning for the future set impossible as you struggle to address problems today
Needs Aren’t Prioritized: Is communication a challenge? Are your needs listened to and addressed?
Unsecure Systems: Are you consistently behind on critical updates? Do security concerns cause you to lose sleep?

An Overview of Managed IT Services for Non-Profits

Throughout all of our client engagements, we craft a strategic approach married with tactical expertise to offer solutions that will best address your organizations objectives. Our nonprofit IT services include (but are not limited to):

IT Planning: We provide strategic IT planning and consulting to help you identify opportunities where technology can help your organization run more smoothly and provide better support to your objectives.

Cloud Management: We assess and implement cloud and hosted solutions for your information technology needs. We ensure functionality and data are carried over into new environments.

Backups & Continuity: We assist nonprofit organizations with selecting and implementing remote backups, disaster recovery and business continuity solutions that are customized to your budget and needs.

Here’s a short preview of our other IT Support Services for Nonprofits:

  • Predictable monthly service fee makes budgeting easier
  • Scalable service and fee based on the staff we support
  • Communication and collaboration tools to increase productivity
  • Reduced technology infrastructure expenditures
  • Technical support for happier, more productive employees
  • Remote-user solutions and support
  • Vendor relations to ensure seamless solutions

Protecting Your Member & Donor Data

Your contact data base of memberships and donors are the backbone of your organization and that data needs to be secured. If your non-profit IT service needs to involve data protection or specific compliance requirements, Lighthouse Technology Partners can help secure all of your important information.

We are SOC2 compliant, a critical security assurance for the ever more complicated non-profit compliance requirements. Less than 3% of MSPs have earned SOC2 certification. We also have many years of experience protecting the valuable assets of non-profits from potential hackers and threats and can work with you to determine your current security situation and how we can collaborate to improve it.

Let Lighthouse Technology Partners be a watchful eye looking out for any concerns that may spring up due to updates, end of service announcements, or other issues.

No network is perfect. To minimize the risk of downtime, our IT experts will monitor your network and its many components, including (but not limited to):

  • The level of network traffic your system can successfully maintain
  • Your essential systems and their level of canton.
  • Your network’s user profiles, as well as their associated security permissions.

As a result, your company experiences a boost in its efficiency and reliability, allowing you to achieve more of your objectives with fewer obstacles in your way.

Non-Profits That We’ve Assisted

We’re equipped to provide robust services for a wide variety of non-profits—our current non-profit clients range from a two person church in Vermont to organizations with 3,000 employees.

Think Smart. Be Safe.

Proprietary Support Platform

Our relationship is managed through our proprietary Support Platform. Your view of everything your company does and all we do for you: Planning, Technical Support, Usage, and Change Management.


Cyber Security

Crime never sleeps, so neither does our SOC. Always-on monitoring and threat detection, incident response, and compliance support delivered by our team of certified security engineers.


Active Ransomware Protection

Get world-class support backed by our 24/7 U.S. Staffed Network Operations Center (NOC). Manage your business confidently knowing your systems are being monitored around the clock.

Full-Service Help Desk

Get world-class support backed by our 24/7 U.S. Staffed Network Operations Center (NOC). Manage your business confidently knowing your systems are being monitored around the clock.

PC Management

Updates are scheduled, installed, validated on a continuous basis that keeps systems not only operational but secure and reliable.


Disaster Recovery

Intelligent BCDR solutions that replicate data to secure clouds let you easily recover infrastructure in minutes. Monthly testing and simulated tests to validate expectations.


Guaranteed Response Times

Online, email and telephone support that keeps employees productive and systems running smoothly.


Security Information & Event Management (SIEM)

Certified Security Engineers actively review data from your environment.


Change Documentation

Standardized procedures and environment details are updated continuously to provide your business with exceptional service quality.


24/7/365 Infrastructure Monitoring

We detect and alert to problems before they become downtime for your business with a real-time network operations center


Dark Web Research

We scan the Dark Web and take action to protect your business from stolen credentials that have been posted for sale.


Training & Adoption

Security Awareness & End User Productivity Training for the modern workplace.

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