Get Modern with Windows 10

Lighthouse can show you how to save money, make your business more secure, and get more done with Windows 10 and Office 365

Move to Windows 10 + Office 365 to remain current with automatic security updates when Windows 7 and Office 2010 end of support occurs.

When Windows 7 and Office 2010 reach end of support, they will continue to work but new security and feature updates will end.

Why Windows 10?

Most Productive

Find what you need and work from any device

Lowest Costs

Increase efficiency with zero touch IT


Control access to corporate assets and content

Best Experience

Reduce complexity for IT teams

Windows 7 will be end-of-life in January 2020

Most productive with any device

Collaborate and communicate in real time

Tools that help users find what they need and work from any device

Real-time collaboration built-in to every Office app

AI powered creativity

Lowest cost of ownership

With Microsoft 365, enterprise customers benefit from:

$7.2m - TCO savings over three years, per 5,000 users

13 Months to full return on investment

40% Reduction in security risk

2.3 Productivity house per week, per person saved

Secure & confident experience

Traditional security management doesn’t scale

Proactive detection of issues

Safeguarding of your company’s data

Protection against advanced threats

Simplified identity and access management

Minimized data loss prevention input requirements

Best experience for users and IT

Windows 10 + Office 365 ProPlus + Intune

Realtime Collaboration

Exclusive Security

Complete device and app management

The most scale, flexibility and efficiency

Security enhanced by the Microsoft cloud

FastTrack the transformation

What is FastTrack?

Microsoft provides the FastTrack service to help customers successfully deploy and drive user adoption of Microsoft 365 solutions.

When customers purchase eligible Microsoft 365 (Office 365, Windows 10, or EMS) licenses, the FastTrack benefit is included at no additional cost for the life of their subscriptions. FastTrack helps you migrate data, enable more effective teamwork, protect their organizations from cybersecurity threats and keep devices and apps up to date.

FastTrack guidance covers three areas:

  1. Planning (setup, remediation, and configuration).
  2. Onboarding, with access to best practices.
  3. Ensuring readiness with an adoption plan and training.

Lighthouse is a Microsoft FastTrack enabled gold partner with the capacity to engage with organizations nationally and locally in the tri-state Metro New York area. 

Looking for a FastTrack Partner?

FastTrack is a Microsoft Accelerator program that subsidizes Lighthouse to provide you high-value advisory services for M365 at no cost. Assessment, planning, and implementation guidance for Windows 10, Teams, and Security.

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