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Most technologies today reside or are in the process of being migrated into the Cloud. As a Managed Services Provider (MSP), every managed IT service Lighthouse provides is predicated on ensuring your business efficiency, availability and continuity — what we at Lighthouse call ‘peace of mind’.

Managed IT Services

Your business can only thrive if the technology you’ve invested in runs at peak performance, every minute of every day. When you choose Lighthouse as your Managed Services Provider (MSP), you’re choosing a partner with the in-house capability to proactively maintain, upgrade, continuously monitor, and intelligently evolve your systems.

Security & Compliance

In the face of tightened security, Lighthouse delivers disaster recovery and data privacy services to counter the proliferation of network and data breaches. Penalties for regulatory compliance violations are steep and increasing. A single HIPAA patient data violation can cost up to $50,000, while European Union GDPR fines can amount to 20 million euros!

Portals & Collaboration

You can accomplish more than ever using the right collaboration platform and business management information systems. As the world’s leading intranet and collaboration platform, Microsoft SharePoint is the key to unlocking productivity through collaboration and secure document management. We are SharePoint experts.

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