How We Work, Together

When employees can easily collaborate and share knowledge, productivity knows no bounds. Lighthouse finds Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to be key to unlocking productivity through its built-in collaboration capabilities.  All of our Collaboration projects are performed within the Microsoft Office 365 environment.

Office 365 Collaboration Workshops

How we work with your stakeholders to deliver the Collaboration, Document Management, and Intranet Solution, that you need, on-time, and on-budget.


We get to know your business, people, process, and needs.


Requirements turned into solutions. Each detail planned for together.


Our team creates all the elements of a complete Digital Workplace.


Go-Live confidently! A fully tested platform & guaranteed support.

Key Services

Code-Free Development

Beautifully designed corporate branding with no custom code.

Support & Maintenance

SharePoint, Teams, Office 365, Support & Maintenance from an award winning team.

Workflow Automation

Create efficiency and remove pain points across your organization.


Eliminate manual data-entry with forms integrated into Office 365.

Records Management

Protect, preserve, index, and organize business data.


Define a model that fits the goals and capabilities your people have with our experience as a guide.

“Lighthouse showed us how to use Office 365, SharePoint, and Teams, to do more than we’d envisioned for less than we thought possible. We have a collaboration solution, a document management solution, and a HIPAA compliance solution—and it’s all affordable. We could never have done this before.”

Richard Matist Director of Information Technology, Fedcap

Results and Value

Increased User Adoption

Our Workshop Approach guides us through the planning and implementation phases of your SharePoint or Teams project. It is also the way we ensure a superior user experience and, crucially, successful adoption.

Demonstrable ROI

How powerful are the results produced by Lighthouse? Today, a single Lighthouse collaboration and Intranet solution serves 80,000 people across 18 geographical dispersed locations.

Consistent Experience

Healthcare SharePoint Intranet Portal Mockup

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