Office 365 Interactive Training

Get the most out of your Office 365 subscription with an interactive, engaging and personalized adoption journey.

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Discover the value of Office 365

Tailored portals first help introduce the core solutions of Office 365 and enable you to discover the value of working with these solutions.

Then you provide your feedback to get a personalized training and change management experience for your Office 365 journey.

Interactive Training Courses

The Lighthouse Training Portal moved beyond traditional Video-Only training that can lengthy, ineffective, and boring.

Our unique Interactive Training Courses guide you through every step of your learning journey in a controlled and simulated application environment.

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Interactive Training Courses

Our platform provides you with access to robust analytics that help you keep track of your learning progress.

Also each learning course gives you a chance to submit feedback to help make the Office 365 adoption experience better for you and your colleagues.

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