What are the Main Benefits of Cloud Migration for Businesses?

April 16, 2021
Main Benefits of Cloud Migration for Businesses

As organizations grow and technologies continue to advance, cloud migration has become the most implemented trend, and for good reason. While the process may sound complicated, the benefits of cloud migration outweigh any concerns related to making the switch, and in today’s technological world, it’s vital for businesses to stay on top of ongoing trends in order to succeed.

We’re going to go over some of the main benefits of cloud migration, but first, let’s go over what cloud migration is, and what the process looks like.

What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of transferring data, applications and other technology from an on-premise infrastructure to a cloud environment. If you have used internet platforms such as Office 365, Google Drive or Gmail, then you’ve interacted with the cloud. Cloud migration can vary depending on an individual organization’s size and needs, which brings us into the next topic.

What Does the Cloud Migration Process Look Like?

As mentioned above, each cloud migration varies depending on the individual organization. Most businesses opt for a complete migration, while others may keep some infrastructure on-site. Some process-heavy organizations may even require more than one cloud service. Lighthouse Technology Partners has a close technical relationship with Microsoft to ensure our client’s migrations receive the best possible support, speed and security.

Benefits of Cloud Migration

Enhanced Security

When done right, data in the cloud can be more secure than traditional network systems. when your data is stored in a central location like the cloud, it can always be accessed in case of a physical machinery mishap. You’ll also have better control over your data in terms of accessibility and availability, and most cloud providers offer built-in security features like analytics, regular updates and cross-enterprise visibility.


Cloud migration enables your organization to either scale up or down based on your IT requirements and business plan. An IT solution that was ideal a few years ago likely isn’t necessary in today’s standards. With cloud migration, organizations can reshape their infrastructure to resemble their current needs without being tied down to years past equipment or assets. Scalability with the cloud can promote growth without the cost.


Many organizations spend a good chunk of their annual budget on internal IT maintenance. But when you migrate to the cloud, your public cloud host will offer all the necessary hardware for web servers including security, maintenance, upgrades, stack configuration and managed services on a “pay as you go” approach. With the cloud, you only pay for what you use. Migrating to the cloud can save organizations of all sizes on operational costs, all while enhancing IT productivity and efficiency.

Automatic Updates

System updates can be tedious and time consuming. In the cloud, software and hardware updates are completed by the cloud provider, which will save you time, money and assures your applications will always be supported by the most up-to-date infrastructure.


No matter what happens to your physical machinery, all your data is stored in the cloud. This means that your organization can work productively and securely no matter where they are. The cloud also provides consistent deployment processes, which means your team will always be on the same page and can collaborate easier.

Is Moving to the Cloud Right for Your Business?

Taking all of this into consideration, you can decide if cloud migration is an option for your organization. Transferring to the cloud is a task that requires a team you can count on every step of the way. Lighthouse Technology Partners can do exactly that.

Lighthouse has the expertise to help you assess, plan, and overcome any challenges during your cloud migration process. We have helped over 600 organizations migrate email, documents, and on-premise servers to the cloud, and when you choose Lighthouse, you’re guaranteed success.

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