What does “Digital Transformation” mean to Main Street, USA?

Nike CEO Mark Parker said a new CEO is needed to steer the company’s “digital transformation.”  Sounds complicated and broad, so what is it? Nike already has an incredible website and web store. What does digital transformation mean to companies with only 5,000 or 500 or 5 employees? Read on and you will understand what everyone is talking about. As a bonus, I’ll throw in your understanding of “virtualization,” and “SaaS!”

Every company is locked in a digital transformation whether they even know or understand it. Or they are dying a not so slow death whether they even know or understand it.

Digital transformation is the change from (1) physical to electronic, then (2) electronic to software, and finally, (3) locally operated software to software delivered over the internet (as a subscription service).

For instance, you used to have a wired telephone (physical) which became a cellphone (electronic); which became a handheld computer (iPhone) with buttons and phone functions that are software.

Now, your company can now replace their entire traditional phone system with this Microsoft Teams Phone System (Software-as-a-Service over the internet). You just got SaaS. Simple enough. Companies get an entire “virtual” office phone system: Switchboard, automated attendant, and Virtual desk phones on their desktop, laptop, and mobile device (your desk phone is displayed on your iPhone)! This virtualization is the Digital Transformation of a Voice/Telephone systems.

Every aspect of business of business technology is going through this digital (SaaS) transformation. Physical, on-your-premises equipment is more effectively, more reliably, and less expensively delivered virtualized and “as a service,” delivered through the internet. You can consider all of this to be “cloud computing.” One more relevant buzzword!

Everyone in business is familiar with what they are using now and how to keep it functioning. Customers are not served as well in most of our legacy ways, and it is more expensive to manage. Not a success formula. Why do you use Uber, even though you like your local limo guy? It is easier. Don’t become the victim of “easier!”

Not many technical people know how to remove all those physical technology investments: equipment, servers, switches, network appliances, data storage, backup, etc…and migrate to a more reliable, cloud-based way (functionality delivered via the internet as a service) where you pay only for what is used, by the month. No more capital investment! It all operates at a fraction of the cost. It is time for you to learn more about how your digital transformation must unfold. Less cost. Better solution for customers. Sounds like a success formula.

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